We are trying to revive our blog!  Please be patient as we restore our previous content and provide new updates.  If you enjoy writing about gender, sexuality and relationships that don't fit into society's binaries, we would love to feature your work on this blog.  Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to talk further.
For now, here's January's mid-month update about the current state of Transcending Boundaries and our various projects.
We had a board meeting January 10th.  Aimee took care of our 2015 taxes, we discussed concerns that arose from TBC 2015, ideas for 2016 and changes to the board.  
Lisa has agreed to take a new position as Board Registrar and Historian.  Lorelei will now be President.  Congrats to both of them on new exciting roles!  We have also agreed to add a second Member at Large position.  Other changes will be announced soon.  
TBC 2015
Sara has been hard at work making a feedback form.  People that complete the form are eligible for $5 off their 2016 registrations.  Thank you Sara!  Aimee will complete the last of the silent auction transactions after Arisia.
TBC 2016
We are excited to be holding the first organizer's meeting January 23rd, 5-7PM at Pizzeria Uno in Springfield.  Please e-mail the list if you need help with transportation.  You can also sign up on the Facebook Event.  Please help spread the word, as we anticipate some changes to our organizing team this year.  We need about 20 people to secure the private room, so bring a friend!
Online Discussion Group
We would like to hold a monthly on-line chat as part of our goal to expand beyond the annual conference.  More information will be available soon.
Website & Social Media
We lost much of the website this past year but are in the process of rebuilding it with better protections and with a long term, multi-project strategy in mind.  Ian is in the process of building a sample site and i am working on building an organizer section for old meeting minutes and other documents.  
We would love to have folks willing to write blog posts for the new site.  Posts can be about Transcending Boundaries, news, history, days of awareness, intersections with our various communities, other events... it's a long list.  We just need to be a little careful around politics due to our status as a 501(c)(3).
Saera has agreed to work on developing a social media strategy which we should have an update on in about a month.  Thank you Saera!
After discussions with the board and with raycho regarding accessibility, we are going to pass on the potential venue in Hamden CT.  We are going to investigate potentially doing an unconference at a campground as an overnight event.  
Former Con-Chair Club
January 10th we had a gathering of several of the former con-chairs to discuss the conference and organization as a whole.  It was very productive and we would like to do these meetings on a semi-regular basis (2-4 times per year).
For those of you not friends with Lisa Jacobs on Facebook, she is running a gofundme to raise funds to move out of her parents home and into a safer space while she waits for other housing opportunities.  Lisa is why TBC is still happening, so if you can please consider lending a hand.
Other Events