Every Wednesday for the next few months we will be featuring one of our confirmed workshops for the April 2014 conference.  We will be highlighting a mix of presenters from previous TBCs along with newcomers!

This week we're pleased to be featuring new to TBC presenters Anne and Megan,  Anne and Megan will be presenting two workshops on how to make our streets and communities safer: "How to Holla Back: Learning to Combat Street Harassment," and "Transformative Justice and Community Accountability: Tools and Strategies for Addressing Intimate Violence in our Communities." 

The rest of our confirmed workshops can be seen here.  Sadly early registration has passed, but the regular rate of $65 ($60 if you're a student) is still a great deal. Your registration includes 3 days of programming, including the keynote lunch on Saturday.   If you have questions about registration or TBC in general, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Presenter Bio:

Megan is a trained rape-crisis counselor, activist and educator with a more-than-academic interest in making the BDSM community safe for all. She lives in Western Mass and can be found at snarksy.com.

Workshop Description:

Title: How to Holla Back: Learning to Combat Street Harassment

Presenter(s): Megan

Description: How can we reclaim the streets and make it a safe and equitable place? This interactive workshop will provide an overview of street harassment and its impact on marginalized communities, especially women and those who identify as Queer/LGBT. Participants will be introduced to techniques they can use to fight back against harassment, with an emphasis on the use of technology such as camera cell phones and web sites.