by Lisa Jacobs, President


This Monday, September 23rd, is Bi Pride Day (aka Celebrate Bisexuality Day), where bisexuals, pansexuals and all other non-monosexuals celebrate being their own flavors of queer. So if you’re bi, pan, fluid or an ally, how can YOU join the festivities?


Locally, events are taking place in Boston and Washington, DC – details can be found at Boston will celebrate on Sep. 27th at the Lir Pub with appetizers, games, Unsung Hero and Bi Ally Awards, as well as plenty of other fun. In DC, the first ever OFFICIAL Bi Pride Day will be held, with a forum on ‘Bi at Any Age’, sponsored by SAGE of Metro DC, AMBi, and the DC Center for the LGBT Community.

In addition, a Bi Visibility Day celebration and fundraiser for bi-trans activist Bryan Ellicott will light up the Stonewall Inn in New York City with the B & the T on Sep. 23rd. Details are available at

But perhaps some of the most fun parties are the ones that take place in your homes and local pride centers. Plan a party for bisexual/pansexual friends and allies. String up the lights, play the music, and when people ask you why you’re partying on a Monday night, tell them why with PRIDE!

Hang a bisexual flag from your home! Write a blog about bisexuality. List some facts. Write your own personal experience. Dye your hair pink, blue and purple. (Yes, I did that one year. It was fabulous.) Wear your bisexual and queer pins wherever you go, slap a bumper sticker on your car, and leave pamphlets in conspicuous places. (I humbly recommend our bisexual/pansexual /fluid pamphlet at Print out bisexual fact sheets at Print out ‘How To Be an Ally’ pamphlets at Buy some bisexual swag at BiNet USA’s store at (Seriously, they have great t-shirts, buttons and more.)

And if you want to do more than celebrate your ‘more than one’ sexuality, but also actually SUPPORT those making a difference on your behalf, MAKE A DONATION to organizations who are doing real work for bisexual, pansexual and fluid folks. BiNet USA, the Bisexual Resource Center, local bi/pan organizations in your area and, yes, Transcending Boundaries ( are some of the very few organizations, all with limited budgets, trying to bring bisexual/pansexual/fluid issues to the fore and often partnering with other ignored queer groups, like transgender folks, for mutual uplift.  Very few large LGBT organizations are paying attention, so we need to be LOUD and VISIBLE ourselves.

So to all the non-monosexuals – let your colors fly high and make next week the best Bi Pride Week ever! And if you have any parties of your own, let us hear about them! We promise we won’t laugh at any goofy pictures. J