On Monday, August 5th, the board of Transcending Boundaries Inc. met.  This was an exciting occasion, as all five board members - Lisa, Aimee, Sara, Lorelei and Laurel - were actually in the same place at the same time.  As our residences span from Massachusetts to Florida this was no small feat!

We began our meeting with an update on old business.  With so much happening in the next few months, we agreed that we do not have enough resources for all of the projects we would like to accomplish.  In particular, we tabled our discussion group and a family friendly picnic until at least 2014.  Of course if anyone is interested in either of those, let us know by emailing us.  We would love to see them happen.

We also discussed the taxes and incorporation papers, important parts of us being a registered non-profit. Fortunately there were no surprises and we will continue to operate as a 501(C)(3).

The rest of the meeting we focused on our social media strategy.  We wanted a way to distribute the work involved and also make sure we were creating great content.  Sara found some very helpful resources, and we'll be creating an official policy over the next few weeks.

We also took a group photo, we hope to share soon along with our bios, so you can get to know your board members. We're excited about the work Transcending Boundaries is doing and hope to see you at the Transcending Boundaries Conference in April 2014 if not before!