by Raycho

Last weekend, members of the TBC staff headed to Connecticut for a site visit at the TBC 2014 conference hotel (Hartford Sheraton at Bradley Airport). While we devoted some of the time to scientific research on important issues like room service and bed comfort, the highlight of the trip was a tour of the facility with Kim, our fabulous contact at the Sheraton. 

The hotel has been recently renovated, and it looks great! We checked out the meeting spaces, the sleeping accommodations, the dining areas - there's a coffee shop, fear not! - the ballroom, and of course, the pool. Kim answered our questions and easily addressed any concerns we raised. She's committed to helping the conference go smoothly and create the celebratory, respectful space for which TBC is famous." We also got a look at the catering options for the keynote banquet, and we're hungry already! Rest assured that tasty vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options will be made available!

In a few months we will return to the Sheraton to provide their staff with training on welcoming people of all genders, sexualities and relationship orientations. In addition, we will also ask them to sign confidentiality forms so that everyone can feel safe and free to be themselves at the conference! We are also paying particular attention to accessibility issues and ensuring full participation for people of all abilities. 

We were already super excited, but now that we've seen all the great features of the venue, we can hardly wait! See you in seven months!