On March 26, 2013, the board members of Transcending Boundaries Inc. met.  The first big order of business was to welcome Sara, our newest board member!  We're incredibly lucky to have her joining the team, and know her skills will bring a lot to the organization.  

We briefly reviewed our existing resources, and hope to add a tri-fold pamphlet on polyamory and non-monogamy this year.  These pamphlets are distributed at events that we attend, as well as sent to other events all over the country.  

Next up was discussing fundraising.  We'll keep some of this plan under wraps for now as it's very early in the planning stages, but we did vote to donate $100 to the Help Kate Bornstein Stay Alive fund on behalf of Transcending Boundaries.  We hope to do some fundraising this year to benefit both Transcending Boundaries and other parts of our communities.

We also discussed some other potential non-conference events, such as a one day unconference, a discussion meeting in Northampton, a family friendly picnic this summer and a community service project.  Stay tuned as we announce more on those events.

Lastly, Micah, one of the 2014 Conference Chairs joined us to give an update.  We reviewed the proposed contract from the hotel and offered a few minor changes.  Although we had intended to also discuss the pricing for 2014 registration rates, due to the hour we tabled that discussion and will review it over e-mail.