Overwhelmed by the Awesome, by Melissa

This year I participated in my first Project For Awesome. The Project For Awesome  (p4a) is a sort of crowd sourced You Tube telethon conceived of by the vlogbrothers (www.youtube.com/vlogbrothers) in 2007.  Once a year, on December 17, members of the community surrounding the vlogbrothers (collectively known as "nerdfighters") post hundreds of videos to youtube in which they promote a cause, charity or non-profit organization they feel is important. Then all the nerdfighters spend hours on youtube watching these videos, commenting on them, liking them and favoring them so that by the end of the 24 hour project, the entire "most liked" or "most viewed" page on youtube contains nothing but videos about worthwhile causes. In addition, people can donate to a large cash pool on the project home page and then vote for where they think the money should go. Of course folks are also encouraged to go to the websites of whatever causes they find interesting and donate directly.

Myself and three other TBC organizers (Jenn, Dani and Jawn) filmed a video talking about our work with the conference, why we love it so much and what it needs to grow. It went up on my youtube channel on p4a day and I spent the next 10 or so hours watching amazing videos about great charities and hilarious live shows where various youtube celebrities did increasingly embarrassing tasks as the amount of money raised went up. I was able to get our video featured on two prominent nerdfighter tumblrs but unfortunately, it did not get featured on the live show. Currently the video has 97 views which is less than I had hoped for, but the comments are overwhelmingly positive and those people who did see it promised to spread the word. I was also thrilled to see tons of support for The Trevor Project, FKH8 and Scarleteen. Probably the most exciting moment for me was reading a comment from someone in Philadelphia who said that she had heard good things about us from other local folks. Our message really is spreading!

If you'd like to see the video, its still up on my youtube channel at http://youtu.be/2Scb--9KN-U