On December 11th, 2011, we will be hosting our 2011 Wrap-up session and first official 2012 organizers meeting.  The meeting will be held 2PM EST, in Springfield, MA at a private residence (please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for address and directions) as well as over a Skype conference call, so you can attend from anywhere with your phone or computer.

If you've never been to an organizer meeting before, it might sound intimidating, but we promise we are a friendly bunch, and welcome anyone who wants to be involved in the event.  Here is what you can expect for a typical meeting.

About a week before the meeting the chair or an assistant will solicit agenda items over the organizer's email list (you can join here).  If you have a specific idea or topic you'd like to talk about, this is a great chance to make sure it gets mentioned.

The day of or a day before, depending on schedules a rough agenda is sent out over the list via Google Docs.  Any additional agenda items can be added by folks as necessary.

Our meetings are very casual and friendly.  We suggest bringing a pen and paper to take notes or a laptop (wireless is usually available) if you are attending in person.  Beverages and snacks are usually available, but if you'd like something specific, it's always nice to bring something to share.

Shortly before the meeting, we'll begin the Skype conference call, and usually there is a bit of friendly chatter before we actually get settled and begin the meeting.  Don't worry if you're running late or need to leave early, things are informal, and we can move agenda items around to work with your schedule.

We begin with introductions if new folks are in attendance, and a check in.  Then we usually go through the agenda, with one or two people taking the official minutes on a Google Doc.  This means that you can follow along if you're using a computer or look things up later.  The meetings usually go in a similar order, by department.  Everyone is encouraged to participate in the discussions, ask questions and give suggestions.

At the end of the meeting, any other open issues are taken care of and we plan the next meeting, trying to keep a regular schedule of second Sundays each month.  Additional committee meetings sometimes are scheduled for other days.

Depending on where we are in the planning process, meetings typically run for 1-2 hours.  The December meeting will likely run longer, because it is essentially two meetings in one.  Often after a meeting, smaller groups will get together for a short time to meet or work on a project.

After the meeting, minutes are sent out via email, so you can reference them and see what happened if you were unable to attend.

The organizer meetings are a great way to meet other folks and experience the TBC community year round.  We have a lot of fun and many of us have developed wonderful friendships because of our involvement.  If you're on the fence, join us for a meeting and observe.  We think you'll want to join us again.  Even if it's just for the baked goods that are often involved!