On January 8th, 2012 we held our monthly organizers meeting. Although this meeting was slightly smaller than the last, with 6 people attending in person and another 10 through Skype, it was still very lively and involved.

After getting settled with Skype (and enjoying some freshly made bread), Ian led the meeting.

First up was an update on the Departments. The Departments have worked up their plans and should be contacting their teams in the very near future to begin working on projects.

We had a tech update. We are using the Google for Nonprofits suite, but need the account to be fully approved before we can fully switch over to it. We will also be focusing on updating our email lists this month so we can start contacting the correct people as needed.

The primary focus on the meeting was to discuss a proposed budget for the 2012 conference. Although some of our costs are firm, such as the facility rental, others are not known, and need to be estimated based on what we have spent in the past and our projected growth. Similarly, our income, which is primarily from registrations and sponsorships, is not precisely known, and must be estimated. We discussed what each department would need to spend money on, and where potential sources of income were. This was the largest portion of the meeting, but finished with a proposed budget for the year, which can be compared to our actual costs and income as we progress.

Micah then announced his final task as Operations Director, as in 2012 he will be leading the Investments Team. We are proud to announce a location and date for the 2012 Transcending Boundaries Conference! We will be back at the Mass Mutual Center, October Friday 26 through Sunday 28, 2012. We hope to announce this year's keynote speaker in the very near future.

We also planned our promotions schedule for the next several weeks. Transcending Boundaries Staff will be on panels and attending Arisia, a Science Fiction/Fantasy Convention in Boston, Massachusetts. Although this may seem like a strange place to promote, Arisia has a wealth of panels that focus on topics of gender, sexuality and relationships both in relation to fandom and not. Leprechaun will be taking fliers to Creating Change in Baltimore, Maryland, which is the National Conference on LGBT equality. In early February TBC will have a table at the New England Leather Alliance's Fetish Fair Fleamarket. Lastly, several staff members will be at Wicked Faire, and hope to distribute fliers as well.

If you will be at an event and would like to help us spread the word about the 2012 conference, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The media kit will be online soon.

Because the second Sunday of the month overlaps with the Fetish Fair Fleamarket, where we will be tabling, the February Organizer's meeting was moved to the week earlier, February 5th. It will be 1-3 PM, at a private residence in Springfield, MA. Meeting participants are welcome to stay after for a Superbowl party.